Download the Hubble Connected app to track your pregnancy and share the journey with friends and family.


Once you’ve set up your Roo, you can easily access
all the app’s features through the dashboard.

Pregnancy Fact of the Day

Start your day with a pregnancy fact to learn more about
what to expect during your current stage of pregnancy.
2_Tip of the Day

Articles & Videos

Read helpful articles and watch informative videos, specific to your
stage of pregnancy, to gain insight and support from credible sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We might have an answer! In the FAQs, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions asked by
pregnant women, in six common categories: Morning Sickness, Back Pain, Nutrition, Exercise, Travel and Fetal Heart Rate.

Select the category your question falls under and look up all of the questions and answers we’ve compiled. You can even
download and save all of the questions and answers, in each category, to look back on later, print out or share.

Baby Size

Wonder how big your baby is? We’ve compared each week of pregnancy to a fruit or vegetable to help you envision how big your baby is. Use the comparisons to help create cute messages and updates to share with your friends and family!

4_Baby Size


Use our app-integrated pregnancy tools to help you track your pregnancy,
accomplish your goals and even go hands-free with integrated
Amazon Alexa voice assistance.

Water Tracker

Set and track daily goals around how much water you consume,
to make sure you’re getting the right amount everyday.
2_Water Tracker

Kick Tracker

Starting to feel your baby move? Start the kick counter to track how long your baby was kicking. Tap the foot every time you feel a kick. Stop the tracker once your baby stops kicking and share the data with friends and family social media, text, email and more!

3_Kick Tracker2

Bump Tracker

Watch your tummy grow! Each week, post an image in the box that corresponds to your current week of pregnancy so you can compare your bump from week to week. Upload an image, add a cute caption and share your images with friends and family via social media, text, email and more!

4_Bump Tracker7

You can even create a slide show to gradually watch your bump grow overtime!
Save it for your memories and share with family and friends.

Weight Tracker

Enter your pre-pregnancy weight and track how much you’ve gained throughout your pregnancy.
You can use it to share with your doctor or just to measure how much you’d like to lose after your pregnancy.
5_Weight Tracker

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