Pregnancy Week 7- Weekly Development

It’s 7 weeks already! You’ve come quite a ways and this is a very commendable feat. Now, week 7 of your pregnancy marks some very important changes not just for you, but for your baby as well. 

Like other weeks, there wouldn’t be much activity on the outside, no significant tell-tale signs. 

Of course, you may be completely certain that you are pregnant now, but some women may also wait until this week before verifying that they are indeed pregnant. The fact you don’t look bigger doesn’t mean that there are no signs for you to see. 

You may have lost a few pounds thanks to morning sickness, your tight pants may begin to feel quite uncomfortable and you may start to think that your bra feels a little tight.   

Also, your baby’s development continues. The vital organs that were growing in week 6 would continue to develop. And development would be concentrated on the head and face regions. Fun fact; your baby is making 100 new brain cells every minute! 

This week is mainly about your baby’s development, but the sad news is that you would still experience your regular symptoms. Those are not going away right now. 

This week, your baby is about the size of a blueberry.

Your Baby’s Development 

Right about now, your baby is only about 1/3 of an inch to half an inch in length.

However, this is still about 10,000 times its size at conception barely a month ago. Features are beginning to look a lot more defined and its mouth, nostrils, and ears would begin to appear. 

At 7 weeks, the lenses in your future baby’s eye would have begun to take shape and the color of the iris would be visible by now. 

You recall those buds that we mentioned in week 6, well, they would begin to transform into arms, shoulders, hands, legs, and feet. These limbs would not exactly look like regular limbs. They can be likened to paddles at this very early stage. 

This week is also when your baby’s brain would begin to get complex, and the skull that would be protecting it is transparent and rounding nicely. Sometime around this week (it may occur in the 8th week as well), your baby’s neck would begin to strengthen and its body elongating. 

Most of the growth that takes place at 7 weeks is mainly concentrated in the head region. With 100 brain cells generating every minute, now, that is quite some work. 

Your baby’s mouth and tongue form this week too. T kidneys are in place and raring to go. Since your baby would begin to produce urine very soon, the kidneys would be on ground to do their work of waste management.

Your Symptoms 

You would mostly feel the same symptoms that you’ve felt in previous weeks. The only difference is that they might get a lot more intense. Also, there are some new symptoms that you would begin to notice. Here goes: 

1. Excess Saliva 

This might just be the most annoying symptom that you experience this week. Constant excessive salivation and having to spit frequently are among the new symptoms that you would be experiencing. 

There is no clear reason why this happens, but some people attribute it to the hormones (they always get all the blame) or heartburn. 

To clap down on this symptom, being in places where irritants like smoke are present may make your excessive saliva production worse. Sucking on candies or chewing sugarless gum could make it easier for you to just swallow instead of having to spit frequently. 

Hydrating a lot is also very important. You may link your excessive saliva production to an abundance of water in your body, but you still need to hydrate. On the flip side, water could be pretty effective at reducing the rate at which you produce saliva. 

2. Food Aversions and Nausea

Food aversions are almost like a form of mood swing. Your favorite dish suddenly becomes one that makes you feel like throwing up. 

And you suddenly find yourself craving food that you’re not particularly fond of normally. Odors that you never used to pay any attention to begin to nauseate you. 

This is something that typically occurs throughout the duration of your pregnancy. But after the first trimester, some women begin to feel better and this symptom may reduce a bit. 

What you need to do right now is to identify the foods and odors that are your triggers and try to avoid them. For your cravings, relapsing once in a while and indulging yourself in some unhealthy treat isn’t going to leave any damage. 

However, you need to ensure that your diet remains as healthy as can be. If nausea prevents you from eating a balanced diet, don’t be alarmed over that. 

Prenatal vitamins would take care of the lapses in your diet. You can take recommended dosages of these based on your limited diet until your eating habits are back to normal and you can eat a balanced diet again. 

3. Fatigue

You may find that you are beginning to tire easily after doing little or nothing. Also, you’re probably dozing at odd times. 

Don’t be hard on yourself, this symptom is a pretty common one especially in the first trimester. For this, you might need a bit of a plan to function well. 

If you are a late sleeper, then you would need to begin to hit the snooze button earlier than usual. If you have a flexible work schedule, see whether you can sleep for longer and go into work later in the day. 

Your baby’s development would take a toll on your body, therefore, remaining healthy and refreshed is essential. 

 Measures To Begin To Observe 

It is essential that you don’t forget the measures that have been mentioned in previous weeks. They should still be observed as well as the new ones that would be included/ emphasized. 

1. Start Prenatal Exercise 

Exercise is a great way to boost your energy. If you started to work out before you got pregnant and all through these first few weeks, then keep at it.

 Basically, you can continue doing the same routines all through your first trimester with just a little modification if necessary. 

If you haven’t started, then now is a great time to. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends exercises for 30 minutes every day to ensure a healthy pregnancy. 

Some options include walking, swimming, and yoga. If you intend to take it a step further and take up exercises like running, intense cardio, or weight lifting, you would need to get your doctor’s approval. 

Also, if you plan on starting a new routine or you need the specific guidelines on safe exercising while pregnant, you should talk to your doctor. 

2. You Really Should Drop Those Habits Now! 

If you’re still smoking right now, it is of critical importance that you quit! As a matter of fact, you should have quit weeks before you started trying to conceive or at first, the first week of your pregnancy. 

Smoking brings about a very high risk of complications during pregnancy including premature labor and low birth weight. There could also be certain problems or conditions that wouldn’t exhibit until after the baby is born. 

If you’re super addicted to smoking, using smoking cessation products isn’t the way. This is because these products themselves may be bad for your baby. You need to go see your doctor and ask for help. 

3. Watch Your Nutrition 

The rapid increase in the volume of blood that is present during pregnancy as well as your baby’s demands may put you at a high risk of experiencing iron deficiency or anemia. 

This is why you need to double your regular intake of iron. This should, of course, reflect in your diet in the form of iron-rich foods like beef, eggs, leafy greens, and nuts. 

Prenatal supplements may also cover the expected lapse in iron level. They are a great source of iron, folic acid, and some other vital minerals and vitamins. 

However, supplements should not replace your diet. You still need to eat a healthy and nutritious balanced diet. 

4. Pay Your Dentist a Visit 

If you notice your gums bleeding when you brush your teeth, then you need to be extra careful when brushing. The bleeding is because hormones make your gums inflamed. 

Maintaining your mouth health is essential when pregnant. Pay a visit to your dentist to have your teeth checked out. 

Essential Purchases For Pregnancy Week Seven 

You must have noticed that there were no essential purchases mentioned in some of the previous articles. 

This is because you’re still expected to eat healthily—you should invest significantly in buying fresh vegetables and fruits. Ensuring your baby develops right should be your major concern for now. 


Eat healthily, drink lots of water, exercise regularly, sleep well, go easy on yourself, think positive thoughts always, drop those bad habits—that’s as far as it goes with suggestions for this week.

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