Pregnancy Week 26 – Weekly Symptoms & Tips

You’re now way over the half-way bump. Your belly is showing more than ever before and your baby’s survival rate in the unfortunate event of a pre-term birth is now at about 80%. In two weeks, that number will jump to about 94%.

While you certainly don’t want to experience a pre-term birth, it’s definitely encouraging knowing that your baby is now capable of surviving in case anything were to go wrong.

At 26 weeks, your baby is the size of an acorn squash.

Your baby hasn’t gained a lot of length over the past week. Instead, it’s body is focusing on putting on weight. While your child would have been about 13 – 13.5 inches last week, this is still about the average for week 26. However, last week your baby weighed about 1.5 pounds, whereas at week 26, your child should now weigh about 2 pounds.

Your Baby’s Development

Many new changes are undergoing this week. Your baby is actually starting to grow out their eyelashes. In a few years, when your child bats their eyelashes at you to get out of trouble using their cuteness, you can remember that it all started back at your 26th week of pregnancy.

Another major development this week – your baby’s fingernails are starting to grow. That’s right, they start showing at around the 26th week of pregnancy, which means by the time you give birth, those nails may already be quite long and sharp.

Your baby’s eyes should also be opening by now. If you haven’t already tried this, shine a flashlight on your belly and see how your little one reacts.

Does your little one react when you talk or shine light on your belly?

Let us know in the comments below!

Finally, your baby is still getting itself ready to breathe. This week, they will continue trying to swallow amniotic fluid. This helps strengthen the lungs and prepares them for breathing on their own.

Your Symptoms

It’s not all about the baby – you have a lot going on yourself, mama!

This week, you may realize that sleep isn’t something we should take for granted. As you keep progressing through the final steps of your pregnancy, sleep will become harder and harder to come by. With the little one kicking and jumping around, the belly making it impossible to sleep in certain positions and a bunch of other pregnancy symptoms, sleep is now a luxury.

You may also begin experiencing “pregnancy brain”. This is normal and it should fade away after delivering the baby. This could include all sorts of little things like forgetting what you were about to do, forgetting how to complete tasks and more. If you feel like you’re having dumb moments, blame it on the pregnancy!

Tell us your pregnancy brain stories in the comments below!

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