Pregnancy Week 25 – Weekly Symptoms & Tips

Congratulations – you’re now 25 weeks pregnant! More than half way there, but still another 15 weeks to go. Progress is happening fast during these last stages and every week that passes means your baby is more likely to survive in the unfortunate event of a pre-term birth.

Your baby is now the size of an eggplant.

Once again, your baby is showing enormous growth week after week. Already the size of an eggplant, your child should be roughly 13.5 inches long by now. Your child should also weigh roughly 1.5 pounds. They aren’t running out of space just yet, but it’s definitely getting tighter in there.

Your Baby’s Development

This is a very exciting time during your pregnancy – your baby is putting on more fat. This will make your baby look more and more like it will once it’s born. Right now, your child is all skin and bones, but as the days go by, it’s getting bigger in weight.

Startle Reflex

Your baby at 25 weeks can now be startled. If you make a sudden movement or the baby gets “spooked”, they might jump or react just as you would when you get startled. This is in the beginning stages, but the sense of getting startled begins at around the 25th week of pregnancy.

Hair Growth

Not all babies are born with hair, but if your child has hair, now is when it will begin to grow. In fact, if you could get a really high quality ultrasound image of your baby, you might even be able to see the texture and/or color of the hair by now.

Other interesting advancements with your baby this week include the ability to breathe through their nose. Last week, your baby began developing their lungs and now they can practice breathing through their nostrils. While they aren’t actually breathing, it’s an essential development that will allow them to breathe the moment they are born.

Your Symptoms & Changes

Just like your baby, this is also an exciting time for you in your pregnancy. While not everything is fun or enjoyable, this is when you have a visible pregnancy belly, yet can also still move around with “ease”. However, it’s not all flowers and rainbows.

Your hands and wrists may begin swelling quite a bit. If you work a lot at a computer, you may also experience carpel tunnel issues. Try to avoid putting too much stress on your wrists for long periods of time.

Another downside you may be experiencing are haemorrhoids. More than 50% of pregnant women have to deal with haemorrhoids during their last trimester due to the weight of the placenta. This causes additional stress on the rectal veins. This painful symptom should go away after you deliver your baby. In the meantime, you can apply cold packs to the sore area or ask your pharmacists about creams that can help reduce the pain.

Keep up the great work, you only have about 3 months left to go!

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