Pregnancy Week 24 – Weekly Symptoms & Tips

24 weeks of pregnancy – time is flying and you’ll want to start preparing your hospital bag. If you carry your baby to term, you’ll only have about 16 weeks left. Just about 4 more months carrying your child in your belly, so enjoy it while it lasts!

This week, your baby is about the length of a corn on the cob!

Your baby is still growing, but the difference in length isn’t as big as a few weeks ago. Now, most changes are details like eyebrows growing, taste buds developing, hearing and eyesight development. At 24 weeks of pregnancy, your baby should be roughly 11.75 inches long, which is about the length of a standard corn on the cob. Your baby should also weigh about 1.25 pounds by now.

Your Baby’s Development

Interesting developments are occurring with your baby this week. You’re now in the 6th month of pregnancy and if you could peak inside your belly, you’d be impressed with how far along your child is. They can now raise their eyebrows and make various facial expressions that they were unable to do just a few weeks ago.

This week, your baby is developing their breathing capabilities. Small sacs on the tip of their lungs are forming and multiplying, which will one day allow your child to breathe.

There are two changes that are about to happen that are huge developmental advances. The first one is the thickness of their skin – right now it’s thin and translucent, but in a few weeks, it will get thicker, resembling the skin your child will have when they are born.

The other major advancement in your baby’s development that is about to occur is their proportion. Right now, your baby is still super skinny and their body is all out of proportion, but in the next few weeks, they will fatten up and grow into a much more proportional body.

Your Symptoms & Body Changes

This week, you may have noticed your belly increase in size. That’s because your uterus is growing and should be about the size of a soccer ball by now. Along with growing in size, it should also be above your belly button, which makes your belly pop out a lot more than it previously did.

During these last few months, it’s important to remain healthy and care for your body. It’s hard to not indulge in unhealthy snacks, but we do recommend to keep a healthy diet at all times. The healthier you are, the healthier your baby will be and everything should be much smoother.

Getting Ready

Now is the ideal time to start preparing your home for your new arrival. If you need to paint the nursery, ask your husband or a friend to handle it and stay out of the house for 1 to 2 days while the paint fumes are still in the air.

Ask friends or family to setup the crib and other large furniture. Now is also a great time to make a checklist for the hospital. Add everything you will need for the hospital to a list, but try to avoid bringing too many items. One large bag should be enough. You may even want to get the bag ready in advance.

Let us know what you’ll be bringing to the hospital in the comments below!

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