Pregnancy Week 14 – Weekly Development

To start with some great news, you’re officially in the second trimester! You successfully weathered the storms of morning sickness, fatigue, and all of the other symptoms that came with it.

And there’s even better news; the second trimester is easily the most loved by any pregnant woman, and for good reason too!

The symptoms that were pretty intense in the first trimester would start to wane and you would feel a lot better and enjoy a renewed taste of life before nausea and morning sickness. Your breasts should feel less tender and sore at this point, and this is another perk.

You should notice a massive boost in your energy levels and guess what, no more you would be seeing less and less of the porcelain. This is because your uterus would be out of your pelvic region and in your lower abdomen, reducing the pressure on your bladder.

Now that your uterus is up, you may feel the fundus, otherwise known as the top of your uterus if you put some pressure with your fingers just above the pelvic bone found in the lower abdomen. Less nausea means a better and healthier appetite and you’re back in business!

Your baby is now about the size of a nectarine.

Ripe juicy peaches in a white bowl on grungy wall and white background, side view.

Your Baby’s Development

Your baby’s growth is pretty rapid at this stage and should be around the size of a clenched fist. Right about now, your baby would be around 4 inches in length and weigh just below the two-ounce mark.

Constantly moving, although you wouldn’t feel

it just yet, but the motion has transformed from the occasional jerks and twitches in the last trimester to a smooth and almost fluid one. The amniotic fluid is like a giant swimming pool for your baby and trust that it would have fun.

Your baby is stretching out their limbs—almost like in the fashion of a ballet dancer and these limbs would soon grow into proportion to sync with the rest of the body.

In addition to moving, your baby is also getting some practice at standing and without any cajoling on your part of course. You recall that your baby was quite the sloucher in past weeks.

 Well, no more, the neck is getting longer and stronger allowing the head to stand more erect as time passes. In essence, your baby is starting to sport a more straightened-out form.

The brain is also at work, putting the facial muscles through the ropes. And although you cannot see it, your baby is practicing the different faces that it would eventually make at you—squint, frown, even a pucker.

Respiration practice is on too and your baby is breathing amniotic fluid in and out of their lungs. 

Determining your baby’s sex would still be pretty impossible at this point although the genitals would be close to full development now. It may be difficult to spot on ultrasound but it would become clearer in the weeks to come.

 The liver and spleen are already producing bile and red blood cells respectively with waste that comes out during the first bowel movement (baby meconium) already in the works by the intestines.

By 14 weeks, your baby’s thyroid glands would have developed well enough to start producing hormones and of course, hair growth is a normal occurrence at this time. Eyebrows could start to fill in as well, however, final hair color is not determined until after birth.

Lanugo (coating of hair that covers the skin), which was growing last week would be present as well in addition to hair growing on your baby’s head.

Over the next few weeks, as your baby starts to get fat, lanugo would no longer be needed and most of it would shed off.

Other developments worthy of note include the fact that your baby has a roof in its mouth now and there may be some digestive system activity.

 Your Body & Symptoms

The second trimester brings with it a lot of symptom relief you would generally go back to being some of your former self. It is a pretty comfortable one since you’re only beginning to bulge, and your belly would only look a bit bigger.

Fatigue would reduce significantly thanks to the fact that the placenta has taken over the task of nutrition and waste management.

Most of your energy was devoted to the development of this essential organ and now that it has begun to function, your body can take a well-deserved rest and you would likely experience a surge in your energy levels.

The aroma of food no longer sends you racing for the bathroom, so you finally get your appetite back so that you can enjoy all your favorites one again.

 Your uterus has increased in size and your belly is slightly rounding—the massive bump is yet to come. Your body would still be experiencing certain changes but nothing drastic at the moment.

You may feel like your belly isn’t making any progress bulge-wise or you look too far gone for 14 weeks.

Remember that no two women have identical experiences all through their pregnancy, so if you do not notice any alarming signs, then you are doing just fine. Don’t stress!

The tenderness you have been feeling in your breasts should be easing up by now so that they are less sensitive and you would feel less pain when they are touched.

With the first trimester symptoms fading off, you may experience brand new ones or simply a slight modification to some previous symptoms.

1.   Nausea and Vomiting Ends

You can heave a sigh of relief since the intensity of your morning sickness is most likely reducing already and is gradually drawing to an end.

 You would no longer be triggered by smells unlike the better part of your first trimester and you should commend yourself for making it through.

2.   Mood Swings

You would most likely still experience occasional mood swings since the hormones are not completely gone; they just took a step back.

You’re going through lots of changes and a human is growing inside of you, so don’t stress over the occasional changes in mood. Other causes of mood swings include fatigue and stress.

However, since it is your second trimester, it shouldn’t occur too often and your moods would generally stabilize around this time.

3.   Stuffy Nose

High progesterone and estrogen levels may encourage blood flow to mucous membranes with that of the nasal cavity not left out.

This would make the membranes soften and swell up and you may experience difficulty drawing breath. You can always ease this up by humidifying the air in your house, causing you to breathe easier.

4.   Susceptibility To Illnesses

In order for your baby to be as safe as can be within your womb, nature suppresses your immune system so that it doesn’t treat your baby as a foreign body and put defense mechanisms in place.

 If your immune system isn’t suppressed, your body may reject your growing baby.

While your risk of infection has significantly reduced compared to the first trimester, you would still need to be extra careful; avoid crowds during cold and flu season, avoid contact with sick individuals, wash your hands regularly and maintain good hygiene.

Measures To Begin To Observe 

1.   Take Your Vitamins

Vitamin D is one of the required nutrients that you need during pregnancy and enough of it is not gotten from the sun.

It is therefore advisable to take supplements regularly to meet up with the required quota. Also, folic acid is just as important, eat food rich in folic acid and take supplements too. 

2.   Exercise!

Except expressly discouraged from exercise by your doctor for special reasons, you should get active. Daily exercise for short durations is advised and it would leave you brimming with energy and is known to aid labor too. A minimum of 10 minutes of daily exercise is a great start.

3.   Notify Your Employer

If you haven’t begun to show, you would in the next couple of weeks. Therefore, you should have notified your employer of your pregnancy so that you would be privy to maternity rights and attend antenatal appointments even on work time.

Essential Purchases For Week 14

Now is a good time for some retail shopping if you still haven’t done it. Slipping into your jeans and shirts which you could still do with minimal effort would soon become a tug of war.

 So, you would be needing new clothes and underwear and now is a great time to get to some shopping done.


A healthy lifestyle is the best policy for you at this point and understandably, it might be quite challenging. But you can rest assured that you’re doing the right thing and providing your baby with all the necessary nutrients required for growth.

Also, now isn’t a bad time to start reading up on what would follow; both during your pregnancy and after delivery. If you’re keeping a journal, ensure that it is up to date in case you need to refer to it sometime.

And finally, watch your weight!

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