• Make sure the battery built into the ROO is fully charged.
  • If your Smart Device is too far away it may be going out of range, so move the Smart Device closer to the ROO (within 5~8 meter).
  • Make sure the device is added in the Hubble Connected app, see if there is a need to pair the ROO and your Smart Device again.
  • Use of other 2.4 GHz products, such as wireless networks (Wi-Fi® routers), Bluetooth™ systems, or microwave ovens, may cause interference with this product. Keep the Roo at least 5ft (1.5m) away from these types of products or turn them off if they appear to be causing interference.
  • Make sure the Hubble Connected app is opened when you want to read the activity.
  • Remove your Roo from the app. Re-pair the device with your Smart device by adding the Roo back to the app.

The system will usually begin to detect baby sounds at the beginning of your third trimester – typically around 20 weeks. At this stage of your pregnancy, adjust the position of the Roo sensors between your navel and pubic bone.

  • Your baby is quite active and moves often. It is not unusual for your baby to move into a position where the heartbeat cannot be heard, especially during the earlier months of your pregnancy. If your baby moves while you are listening, simply change the position of the Roo or try again later. If your baby is particularly active, the kicking sounds may make it difficult to hear the drumming of the tiny heartbeat.
  • Your weight before and during pregnancy may affect how early the system can detect your baby’s heartbeat. A slender mother will generally hear the baby’s heartbeat earlier in her pregnancy. This is a passive listening device and, therefore, it has no means of penetrating your body’s insulating layer of fat. Mothers with a larger percentage of fat may have to wait a few more weeks until the baby’s heartbeat becomes strong enough to be heard.

The battery usually lasts for 5 days and charging is easy. Simply plug the USB charging cord into the ROO; a full charge usually takes 10 hours.

With the Hubble Connected app, you can access a free Prenatal Tracker to conveniently log and keep track of different activities such as water intake, kicks, a bump tracker and weight tracker. There’s also a section in the app with pregnancy tips from leading organizations and answers to frequently asked questions.

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