Pregnancy Week 31 – Weekly Development

You’re almost at the finish line, just over 2 months left to go. Your baby is now fattening up quickly

Pregnancy Week 32 – Weekly Development

It’s week 32 of your pregnancy! By this week, you are seven months pregnant and your baby is going to

Pregnancy Week 33 – Weekly Development

By week 33, you’re deep into your third trimester and probably adjusting to the idea of life with a baby.

Pregnancy Week 34 – Weekly Development

It’s week 34! How time flies! There must have been certain points when you felt like the days were crawling

Pregnancy Week 35 – Weekly Development

By week 35, you’re already in one of your last weeks of pregnancy. You’re probably feeling like you’ve got loads

Pregnancy Week 36 – Weekly Development

At 36 weeks, you’re in the ninth and normally, last month of your pregnancy. You have only a few weeks

Pregnancy Week 37 – Weekly Development

Maybe now and again, you feel a bit of nostalgia, remembering some months ago when you did your home pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 38 – Weekly Development

You are rapidly approaching full-term pregnancy and would most likely be preparing for the arrival of your baby already. This

Pregnancy Week 39 – Weekly Development

At this point, congratulations are in order. While you still have a week or two left to go in your

Pregnancy Week 40 – Weekly Development

You would definitely know that the 40th week is the official final week of pregnancy. It’s almost time for you

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