Pregnancy Week 21 – Weekly Development

You’ve finally made it past the half-way mark! You now have fewer weeks left than you’ve already completed in your

Pregnancy Week 22 – Weekly Development

You’re now 22 weeks pregnant and your baby is now starting to look more and more like it will once

Pregnancy Week 23 – Weekly Development

You’ve got this mama – just 17 more weeks to go! As week 23 unfolds, you may notice an increasing

Pregnancy Week 24 – Weekly Development

24 weeks of pregnancy – time is flying and you’ll want to start preparing your hospital bag. If you carry

Pregnancy Week 25 – Weekly Development

Congratulations – you’re now 25 weeks pregnant! More than half way there, but still another 15 weeks to go. Progress

Pregnancy Week 26 – Weekly Development

You’re now way over the half-way bump. Your belly is showing more than ever before and your baby’s survival rate

Pregnancy Week 27 – Weekly Development

Just about 13 more weeks to go – keep up the excellent work! You’ll soon be rocking your little one

Pregnancy Week 28 – Weekly Development

At week 28, your belly should be showing more than ever and your child is most likely keeping you up

Pregnancy Week 29 – Weekly Development

Just about 11 weeks left to go before you finally get to meet your little one. This is an exciting

Pregnancy Week 30 – Weekly Development

You’ve finally made it to week 30! If you were to give birth today, your baby would have roughly a

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