Pregnancy Week 11 – Weekly Development

It’s week 11 and you’re probably thinking “here we go again with the symptoms and hormonal changes.” Well, you’re not

Pregnancy Week 12 – Weekly Development

Congratulations! You’re almost at the end of the first trimester and it typically marks the beginning of a positive turn

Pregnancy Week 13 – Weekly Development

You would think that week 12, which is, of course, the end of the third month would mark the end

Pregnancy Week 14 – Weekly Development

To start with some great news, you’re officially in the second trimester! You successfully weathered the storms of morning sickness,

Pregnancy Week 15 – Weekly Development

Your 15th week of pregnancy is a continuation of the relief that you have been experiencing. By week 15, you’re

Pregnancy Week 16 – Weekly Development

It’s week 16! Let’s cut through all the extra talk and get to the point. Right about now, your uterus

Pregnancy Week 17 – Weekly Development

At 17 weeks, you’re in the fourth month of your pregnancy and you’ve got only about 5 months left to

Pregnancy Week 18 – Weekly Development

It’s week 18 and you would be switching a lot of things up. First is your sleeping position. No more

Pregnancy Week 19 – Weekly Development

In a couple of weeks, you would be halfway through your pregnancy and this is in fact great news! This

Pregnancy Week 20 – Weekly Development

Congratulations! You’ve finally made it to the half-way mark. At week 20, you should have about 20 weeks to go

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