Pregnancy Week 1 – Weekly Development

It’s the first week of your pregnancy. You might not know it yet, but if you do, that is just

Pregnancy Week 2 – Weekly Development

It’s week two but just like week one, you’re not technically pregnant just yet. It still counts as a part

Pregnancy Week 3 – Weekly Development

The third week of your pregnancy is here and for some exciting news, your barb’s development officially “flags off” this

Pregnancy Week 4 – Weekly Development

At last, at Week 4, you took a home pregnancy test and it came up positive, because the pregnancy hormone

Pregnancy Week 5 – Weekly Development

It’s pregnancy week 5. Last week, you took a home pregnancy test and finally got the confirmation you’ve been waiting

Pregnancy Week 6 – Weekly Development

By now, you should be getting used to the fact that you’re pregnant. But if you’re not, the symptoms, which

Pregnancy Week 7- Weekly Development

It’s 7 weeks already! You’ve come quite a ways and this is a very commendable feat. Now, week 7 of

Pregnancy Week 8 – Weekly Development

At 8 weeks, you’re in the second month of your pregnancy and you’ve only got seven months to go. While

Pregnancy Week 9 – Weekly Development

Guess what! You’ve put the first two months of pregnancy behind you and the ninth week is the start of

Pregnancy Week 10 – Weekly Development

It’s the 10th week! Time does fly, doesn’t it? And you’re coming very close to the end of your first

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